The great thing about being part of Danny Paul's group is his organizational skills, his knowledge of the industry, and his foresight to help to plan the future. Being in one of his groups has helped us in understanding what similar stores are faced with throughout the country. It gives us the opportunity to sit down with a handful of successful retailers and share our problems and get advice on how to deal with the unique situations that occur in a men's specialty store. Lastly, Danny always makes himself available when you need a friend to discuss your business with.

Danny Paul has been involved in our merchandising planning for over 7 years. He has proved to be extremely helpful with our OTB. It is great to get his feedback on all our classifications. With Danny's involvement with over 40 better specialty stores you get a real perspective in not only how you are doing but also where there is room for improvement. I would highly recommend Danny Paul.

I feel that your guidance prior to, and during, the late crisis was invaluable to the welfare of our company.

The Ascot Shop has participated in the Retail Communities group for over 10 years and has found the experience to be extremely beneficial to the success and survival of our operation. By sharing information regarding the market, emerging trends, vendors, marketing or personnel issues to name a few topics you realize there is a common thread at all of us share regardless of our diverse operations and locations. The group also acts like an informal board of directors where any topic or problem can be discussed in confidence and the resulting input and feedback can be very helpful in making key decisions or potential changes. A special bond is formed between the members that cannot be measured and developing lifelong relationships with each other is just one of the many benefits to being a member. I strongly urge anyone who might be struggling in today's retail environment or just hoping to improve their skills as a retailer to consider joining the group and reap the instant benefits you would experience by being part of the Retail Communities family.

I first met Danny Paul at a Retail Communities meeting over 10 years ago. I was instantly impressed with Danny's organizational skills and obvious grasp of the issues and problems facing retailers today. With over 30 years experience as CEO of the retail consulting firm RMSA, Danny brought that knowledge and expertise with him to start up Retail Communities, a group of some of the finest retailers in the country that meet twice a year to review all aspects of running a retail operation. His leadership and insights into the problems facing the world of retail are invaluable and timely.

We discovered that Danny also does inventor planning and open to buy for stores so we signed up for his monthly reports. While every retailer knows how to do an OTB the information he provides goes much deeper and allows a better grasp on what is, and is not, happening in the store on a monthly basis. We always look forward to our meeting to review his comments, suggestions and observations. He has been instrumental in contributing to the success of our business but more importantly his integrity, support, and friendship are priceless and we would highly recommend Danny to anyone who desires to have a better and more profitable operation.

I highly recommend everyone to join one of the Retail Community groups run by Danny Paul. The insight received is invaluable. Being able to compare your own performance in areas of merchandising, marketing, advertising, staffing and the best practices is incredible. Plus, having other store owners as your own Board of Directors who are thoroughly immersed in your business offers feedback and ideas not available anywhere else. I don't know where else you could get this experience. Join one of these groups if you get the opportunity!

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. As I approach my 40th year in the menswear business, it wasn't until about 5 years ago that I finally learned how to properly operate my open to buy. After trying to do it myself for all those many years, I had Danny start doing my OTB's in critical classifications, and the differences I am seeing in my profit are almost overwhelming. My turns have increased noticeably, and I am able to come back in season to take advantage of off-price merchandise because I now have the OTB for them. Also since I don't have any partners in my business, it's nice to have someone to hold me accountable in my buying.

Danny Paul saved my business, twice. I started working with Danny over 10 years ago. We had a second store and we couldn't get a handle on our inventory. Danny's planning got us under control with inventory levels that let us take advantage of off-price opportunities and increased our margins and turn. The second rescue took place after the crash of 2008. Our inventories were built up in October to prepare for holiday selling that never came. (Danny warned our Retail Community group a year earlier about a downturn coming.) Again, Danny's planning worked us out of excess inventory and helped us hold our purchases to a level that made it possible to hold on until the recent improvement.

Danny's planning advice, and Retail Community groups are invaluable for and apparel retailer that needs turning and maintaining an inventory for profit.


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  • The Ascot Shop has participated in the Retail Communities group for over 10 years and has found the experience to be extremely…


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